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Owneso Legal Consulting offers complete assistance in matters involving personal injuries. Drafting motions, oppositions, subpoenas, and requests for discovery are all part of our services. We manage client correspondence, case investigations, legal research, and assistance with settlement negotiations, including demand letters. We also handle case files, compile medical data and depositions, and ensure careful planning for the best possible legal representation.

Document Preparation

Case Investigation

Client Communication

Owneso Legal Consulting offers comprehensive  support for compiling personal injury documents.  Our services include serving subpoenas, drafting  pre-litigation documents, motions, oppositions,  discovery requests, and petitions. We assist  clients in understanding the intricacies of  personal injury cases by prioritizing meticulous  attention to detail and leveraging our legal  expertise to ensure all necessary materials are  meticulously prepared and presented for optimal  legal representation. 

At Owneso Legal Consulting, we handle case  investigations with expert precision. Our  comprehensive services encompass gathering  relevant evidence, interviewing witnesses, and  reviewing incident-related documentation. We  excel in assisting attorneys to construct  compelling arguments by identifying essential  material crucial for successful litigation or  settlement negotiations. Our approach and sharp  attention to detail ensure that we strengthen our  clients’ cases and achieve favorable outcomes in  personal injury claims. Furthermore, we  collaborate with specialists and employ  innovative investigative techniques to further enhance our services. 

Facilitating efficient client communication in a  case is a core competency at Owneso Legal  Consulting. The firm provides prompt responses  to client inquiries, clear explanations of legal  options and procedures, and regular updates on  case status. Owneso Legal Consulting aims to  ensure that clients are well informed, have a  sense of control, and feel supported throughout  the legal process by offering personalized  attention and empathetic assistance. Additionally, the firm emphasizes openness and  communication to foster trust and collaboration  between clients and the legal team. 

Legal Research

Settlement Negotiation Support

Summarization of Deposition & Medical Records

For all legal matters, Owneso Legal Consulting  offers comprehensive legal research services.  Our expertise lies in the in-depth analysis of  relevant laws, statues, precedents, policies and regulations to strengthen legal contentions and  strategies. We deliver thorough and up-to-date  research findings to support attorneys in  formulating persuasive claims through meticulous methodologies and access to an  array of legal databases. Furthermore, we provide sharp interpretations and analysis of complex legal issues, empowering attorneys to make informed decisions and effectively represent their cases in court. 

At Owneso Legal Consulting, we specialize in  providing comprehensive assistance with  personal injury compensation negotiations,  including expertly drafted demand letters. Our  demand letters are crafted to effectively present  our clients‘ cases, incorporating  crucial  data, medical records, damages, and  compelling legal   arguments. We pride ourselves  on designing   demand letters that robustly    demonstrate the strength of our clients’ positions  and the extent of their losses while remaining  focused on securing maximum compensation for  them. Additionally, we excel in facilitating  settlement negotiations and consistently  advocating for our clients’ best interests. 

Owneso Legal Consulting offers specialized  services for organizing and summarizing medical  records and depositions in cases related to  personal injuries. Our expertise lies in distilling  complex medical and legal information into  concise statements that highlight the most  relevant details for the case. We provide attorneys with comprehensive summaries to aid in case preparation and strategy development, leveraging our thorough understanding of both legal terminology and medical jargon. By skillfully arranging and presenting essential materials, we streamline the litigation process and ensure that attorneys are fully equipped to advocate for their clients effectively. 

Case Management Services & Requesting Medical Records

Owneso Legal Consulting excels in managing personal injury claims by effectively handling all aspects of case management, including obtaining medical bills and records. Our team is experienced in setting up appointments, keeping everyone informed, and managing case files with precision. We handle the process of requesting medical records diligently, ensuring compliance with legal regulations for swift and accurate acquisition. By taking care of these essential administrative duties, we enable our lawyers to focus on client representation and legal strategy, ultimately fostering efficient and successful case development. 


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How we Handle your Personal Injury Cases?


Assemble client data and case specifics.


Help with the client intake procedure


Question the client at the outset To find out the details of the injury


Help in the preparation and submission of required court documents


Collaborate with legal professionals to carry out legal studies on pertinent laws and cases.


Help compile evidence, such as witness accounts, police reports, and medical records.


Arrange and handle records and proof to facilitate quick access during legal procedures.


Correspond with insurance companies, healthcare providers, and other pertinent parties on behalf of client.


Help clients get ready for hearings, trials, and depositions.


Provide assistance to lawyers in settlement talks, court cases, or negotiations.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Owneso Legal Consulting provides support for a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to car accidents, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, product liability, and wrongful death claims.

e conduct thorough case investigations by gathering relevant evidence, interviewing witnesses, reviewing incident-related documentation, and collaborating with specialists to strengthen our clients' cases.

We assist in settlement negotiations by drafting expert demand letters, summarizing deposition and medical records, organizing essential case materials, and facilitating effective communication between parties.

Yes, we excel in case management by handling administrative tasks such as setting up appointments, requesting medical records, managing case files, and ensuring compliance with legal regulations.