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Owneso Legal Consulting provides essential pre-litigation support to strengthen your legal position before formal legal proceedings. We specialize in drafting meticulously crafted letters of representation, handling medical record requests, drafting hold letters, managing correspondence, and drafting demand and settlement letters. Our team’s expertise in evaluating claims and providing strategic guidance ensures that you approach litigation with a well-informed and advantageous stance. 

Where you want our support in Pre-Litigation ?

Drafting of Letter of Representation

Medical Record Request

Hold Letter

Owneso Legal Consulting specializes in preparing meticulously drafted letters of representation to formally notify involved parties of your legal representation and intentions. This initial communication is crucial in establishing your stance and commencing professional legal discourse. 

Owneso Legal Consulting handles the entire process of requesting medical records, ensuring that all necessary documents are gathered efficiently. Our team ensures compliance with all legal requirements and confidentiality standards, providing you with the critical information needed to support your case. 

Owneso Legal Consulting excels in drafting hold letters to instruct parties to retain documents, electronic data, and other pertinent materials. This step is crucial in preventing the destruction of evidence and safeguarding the integrity of your case. 


Drafting Demand Letters & Settlement Letters

Assistance in Evaluating Claims

Owneso Legal Consulting handles all aspects of correspondence, including drafting and managing communications with opposing parties, clients, and other stakeholders. Our correspondence services ensure that all communications are clear, professional, and strategically aligned with your legal objectives. 

Owneso Legal Consulting specializes in drafting compelling demand letters to assert your claims and negotiate settlements. Our settlement letters are crafted to achieve favorable resolutions, minimizing the need for prolonged litigation and promoting efficient dispute resolution. 

Owneso Legal Consulting assists in evaluating claims by meticulously analyzing facts, assessing legal precedents, and determining the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We provide a comprehensive understanding of your case’s potential and strategic direction. Using extensive legal knowledge and experience, we analyze the probable outcomes of cases to guide your decision-making, assessing potential results based on legal precedents, factual analysis, and strategic considerations. Additionally, we conduct thorough research by examining public and other legal records, forming well-grounded legal opinions that offer informed insights and strategic guidance for your case. 

How we work?




Case Evaluation


Legal Research


Strategy Development


Document Preparation


Client Communication




Post-Settlement Follow-Up

Take the lead in your legal battles with our comprehensive pre-litigation support. From strategic planning to expert negotiation, we're here to strengthen your position and drive favorable outcomes. Trust us to navigate the complexities and secure the results you deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

We manage the entire process, ensuring all necessary medical records are gathered efficiently and in compliance with legal and confidentiality standards. This provides you with the crucial information needed to support your case.

We handle all aspects of legal correspondence, including communications with opposing parties, clients, and other stakeholders, ensuring clarity, professionalism, and strategic alignment with your legal objectives.

Clear and professional correspondence ensures effective communication, fosters negotiation, and demonstrates your commitment to legal standards and professionalism.

We meticulously analyze facts, assess legal precedents, and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your position. Our comprehensive evaluation provides a clear understanding of your case’s potential and strategic direction.